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2023 River Pierce Foundation Wall Calendar

featuring the work of photographer Kevin Greenblat
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The 2023 edition of the River Pierce Foundation Wall Calendar features images of the San Ygnacio Historic District by photographer Kevin Greenblat. Kevin Greenblat has photographed throughout the world, but has focused his work on Texas, Louisiana, and Mexico. Many of his photographs are archived at the Wittliff Collections in San Marcos. From his artist statement: "Nothing is more interesting than looking at the real world as it unfolds. Staged photos have their place and their own particular kind of beauty, but to me, the contrived can never equal the intimacy of capturing a subject in its natural environment who is unveiling a truly honest and intimate moment." The majority of these images were taken right after the deadly freeze of February 2021. By then visual artist Michael Tracy had constructed a series of cross-shaped sculptures from the debris of frozen cacti, the best of which were used to decorate buildings owned by the River Pierce Foundation in time for Lent 2022. While the sculptures, a stark meditation on climate change, are left in place on site, one can admire their fragile beauty in this calendar. Every dollar of this calendar goes to support programs for the River Pierce Foundation. Read more about Kevin Greenblat at

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