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Historic American Buildings Survey 1936 - Photo of Treviño-Uribe Rancho by Arthur W. Stewart

The River Pierce Foundation works to identify, conserve and make known the built vernacular and cultural heritage of the rural village of San Ygnacio, Texas, including the San Ygnacio Historic District (National Register of Historic Places 1973). As protective stewards of this legacy, the Foundation contributes to an awareness of the Texas-Mexico borderlands, a landscape of farms, ranches, cities and towns that make up the Los Caminos del Rio Heritage Corridor of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. This region was named one of the nation’s most endangered historic sites by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Educational and training programs, residencies and special projects support the acquisition, preservation, and creative re-use of historic sites in San Ygnacio, with special emphasis on the early 19th century sandstone complex of the Treviño-Uribe Rancho. Sited on a bluff overlooking the Rio Grande, the Rancho was built in 1830 and designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park System in 1998. This fortified complex is one of the few remaining vestiges of Spanish Colonial and Mexican periods of historical development in the region. The River Pierce Foundation welcomes the support of individual donors as well as regional, national and international organizations similarly devoted to cultural interpretation and historic preservation.

For more information on how to support the Foundation's efforts, please contact Christopher Rincón, Executive Director, at (956) 756-5784.

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